Thermomix Magazine Subscriptions

Give the gift that keeps giving month after month! A subscription to The 4 Blades Magazine gives you a monthly dose of Thermo-inspiration, delivered directly to your mobile device.  All you need is an Apple or Android phone or tablet.

A new magazine issue is released on the first of each month and each issue contains 40+ tried and tested recipes for your Thermomix. We cover a wide range of themes, and cater for a wide range of dietary styles.

There are NO postage or handling fees to consider. Fast delivery, even internationally! Perfect for an incredibly thoughtful last minute gift idea.

To discover what you get when you become a subscriber to The 4 Blades Magazine, tap the image for your preferred subscription time frame (and whether it is a gift or not) below.

**SPECIAL OFFER: All subscriptions purchased via the website by midnight Easter Monday (April 17 2017) will get access to The Easter Issue, on top of the inclusions of their subscription!**